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    Bryan Brown was born into a large family of 10 siblings. His father, artist Jerry Brown Sr., was his first introduction to art. Brown's mother,  Janice, was always a big supporter of his drawing passion. He started drawing in elementary and got into it heavily as a high school student. Brown's high school art teacher along with N.O.C.C.A. was a big part of him understanding the levels of artistic abilities were in the world. 

      After graduating Brown soon picked up a career in tattooing in 2005, months before Hurricane  Katrina would holt his path for only a brief period. In 2008 Brown decided to pick up the paint brush as a career change and would soon after start to sell his art through the French Quarters and other local festival around New Orleans. 

    After being an on and off tattoo artist Brown would soon decide to focus mainly on painting and tattoo on the side. A switch from his first 9 years of tattooing full time and painting on the side. His passion for painting has grown and his goals have grown even bigger. Brown's artwork has been blasted around the city of New Orleans as of the pass 3-4 years. He has painted murals from the Treme's Claiborne Corridor, East New Orleans and in many homes across the nation. Brown's focus is to become a renowned living artist who can spread hope through his paintings. His work can be spotted in festivals around New Orleans and in several cities as he plans to traveling to many festivals yearly to spread his work to many more collectors.

Browno is the signature that Bryan Brown has chose to put on his paintings as a way to pay homage to his late father whom he lost on January 28, 2018.  His dad signed his art,  Browno in paintings in the year  of 1993. Those are the pieces that Brown is familiar with most as he visited his dad's uptown house in his early childhood.